Month: October 2017

Journal #15 – Secularism


I understand the term ‘Secular’ to represent things that are not ‘religious’ or lack spiritualism. As Christians, another term used is ‘worldly’. I would say when something is secular, it lacks spirituality. It is humanistic, or scientific, and holds no mysticism or magic. I do not think that most people think ins secular terms. I …

Journal #9 – Anabaptists


The Anabaptists took a very different approach to mission than the Celtic Church. The Celtic church evangelised with sensitivity to context and culture, even incorporating some cultural traditions into the church. Anabaptists believed that the rest of the world, including the established church, was essentially Pagan and preached the gospel with the expectation that people …

Journal #8 – Celtic Mission

Celtic Mission

M.T. Cooper, in this article, states, ‘…there are three overarching points that can be made about Celtic mission: it was evangelical, contextual and social’. Today’s Church can definitely use the example of the Celtic Church. In fact, we see some of the most successful ‘life-giving’ churches in modern society, displaying these very attributes in their …