Journal #10 – Territorial vs Gathered Church

Territorial vs Gathered Church

In today’s society, there are advantages to both types of church model in society. The Church of England and Wales still have a territorial model, which can be advantageous for those seeking a church. It is the go-to-church denomination for those un-churched looking for a Christian venue for weddings or funeral, and if by some chance they have a spiritual encounter, then the local parish church is quite often the point-of-call.

Historically, the Anglican movement has not done mission well and has relied on their territorial authority. This is where the gathered churches and chapels have thrived. They have been much more missional, and have emphasised the need for conversion and baptism, both in water and of the Holy Spirit. This conversion usually leads to membership within their gathered congregation.

The Anglican church has been catching up with other Evangelical churches in their methods of mission, especially with initiatives such as the Alpha Course.

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