Journal #11 – Evan Roberts – A Reformer!

Evan Roberts

What aspects of the lives of those at the forefront of revival movements, inspire you and could still be relevant today?

Obviously being a Welshman, it would be ridiculous not to look at Evan Roberts, one of the key ministers in the Welsh Revival of 1904.

The one thing that stands out from the story of Evan Roberts, is his commitment to praying for his nation. There is a story where he stayed up all night praying fervently, so much so that his landlady asked him to leave and rebuked him for his weird noises.

He Prayed “Bend me, Lord, Bend me, Lord”. His desire to see a revival was burning so deep inside him, it’s all he prayed for and consumed him constantly. After a vision during a Sunday morning meeting, he went home to his village Loughor and preached to 17 young people, who all encountered God is a super powerful way. Their transformation got the whole village talking, and they continued to meet daily, and Evan started speaking further afield and seeing the power of God fall and see lives transformed.

Prayer and constant pursuit of God’s will are the aspects of Evan Robert’s life that stand out for me and inspire me.

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