Journal #12 – Summarise the Gospel

Summarise the Gospel

How do you understand the gospel of Jesus Christ?
How would you summarise the gospel?

How do you summarise the gospel indeed?

I would firstly say that my understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ is “Good News”. Gospel literally translates to Good News. So what is the good news?

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,” ~ Luke 4:18

The good news is quite simply the salvation offered to all through accepting Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and giving reign of your life over to God the Father and submitting your will to the Holy Spirit.

However, in today’s society, as Newbigin explains, we are proclaiming a truth that is no longer accepted as truth. To be happy about receiving salvation freely, you need to believe that you need saving, and today’s society teaches us that we do not need saving from anything, that we can emancipate ourselves from our own mental slavery, and there is indeed, no spiritual slavery for us to be concerned about.

So I would look more to the message that Jesus brings and look also to his delivery, because even though society has changed in how it thinks, and what is now accepted as truth, I do believe that the message that Jesus spoke is just as relevant and as poignant today, as it was in biblical times.

The Gospel is love. Jesus came that we might once again understand what true love is and that once we accept the unconditional true love of the one true father, then we will, of course, understand how to love others as he taught us. Love is what earns us our Salvation. By accepting the love given so freely, yet at such great price by the Trinity, and giving it freely to others.

The Gospel is:

  1. about a father in heaven that loves us more than we could ever know, and if we could understand that, then it would radically change how we treat each other.
  2. a message of hope for humanity.
  3. a way of an imperfect humanity reconciling with a perfect God.
  4. the greatest love story ever told.
  5. an understanding that God first loved us, and that by His love and His promises, we can find hope, purpose and destiny in the salvation given to us through Jesus Christ.

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