Journal #15 – Secularism


I understand the term ‘Secular’ to represent things that are not ‘religious’ or lack spiritualism. As Christians, another term used is ‘worldly’.

I would say when something is secular, it lacks spirituality. It is humanistic, or scientific, and holds no mysticism or magic.

I do not think that most people think ins secular terms. I believe the majority of mankind is seeking some kind of spiritual encounter. There seems to be a rise in the number of people using mediums and attending seances. Everyone is trying to find the future, or find answers from their dead past.

There has definitely been an increase in secularism, and there are a large number of people who are rejecting anything religious and looking to secular ways of thinking. This has only been fuelled by the last decade of religious extremism across the world.

Do we live in a secular world? I don;t think so just yet, though secular thought has great power and influence. I still believe mankind is seeking the spiritual because their souls long for it. They may try to find their answers in secularism, but that is only temporary.

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