Journal #16 – Living in a Secular World

Secular world

As a Christian, living in a secular world is full of contradicting thoughts and behaviours. We live with a knowledge and experience of a spiritual realm but live in a humanistic society that believes in the greatness of man.

We make decisions based on ‘calling’ and our ‘heart’ and by following ‘The Spirit’, where the world looks at what is right for you, what will make you more successful, or richer.

People’s attitudes in a secular society are more materialistic and success driven. Secular society measures one’s success on how much money they earn, or on who they know that is successful. We make decisions based on how it benefits us more than others, and try to find fulfilment in practical achievements and success.

Taylor and Newbigin, talk about having to change an entire mindset about life, as well as making a decision and adopting a new belief system. The task of bringing the Gospel to a secular society is much more difficult, as it requires a bigger bridge to be crossed. I do think that in today’s society, people are searching for new ways of thinking, new ways of finding peace within themselves. There is a much bigger attraction to eastern religions like Buddhism, as ways of finding inner peace and fulfilment, but mainly because the picture of Christianity that has been painted in previous centuries is seen as irrelevant and more about the church than personal spiritual fulfilment.

So I guess the task of modern-day mission is to show the relevance of Christianity to the personal spiritual journey of people, as well as to society as a whole. Social action/justice and showing love rather than hate and judgement as a large part to play in that message.

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