My Story

I’d say from about the age of 11, I always knew I wanted to work in full-time ministry. I had no idea what that looked like then of course. I also had no idea my life would take the path that it did and that it wouldn’t be until I was 37 before I actually decided to follow that call.

By the time I was 20, I was leaving college after studying design and photography to work for a Christian Company doing website design and development.

A year later I was running my own business. I had a Campervan and my own business – the dream! I had always said the business existed to fund my ministry. I fronted a band back then called Todah. We saw relative success, with a management contract and playing all over the UK. I was preaching in different churches in the South Wales Valleys and involved in Youth Ministry and Worship in my local church.

From the outside I was a successful young man, living the dream he always wanted, but underneath the shell was a little boy who just wanted to find love. It took 10 years of pain and heartache, 2 children and a divorce before I really delved deeply enough to figure out my daddy issues and that my relationship with God the Father was skewed.

Over those 10 years, I started to strive for success. I figured that I had to be successful and that success was measured by money. I started to seek that. The pursuit of success lost me everything.

So here I am almost 20 years later, on the brink of a hugely successful business, with amazing business partners and God speaks to me so clearly, asking me to lay it all down.

It’s taken me 6 months of arguing with God and trying to compromise on what that looks like, but everywhere I went God gave me such clear signs that I was to lay it all down and pursue what he called me to.

I was 14… I had a dream! I was stood on the back patio of my parents garden which looks down over the valley below. At the bottom of the garden was a huge pear tree with golden pears on it (they had lots of fruit trees in their garden). There were some people picking the pears and putting them carefully into baskets, but there wasn’t enough people to collect all the pears. I was stood there with a band, and I started playing the guitar and singing (I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 16). I was singing “The fields are white unto harvest, but oh, the labourers are so few”. As I was singing this, people started pouring in from the other side of the garden, singing along, and soon there was more than enough people to collect all the golden pears from the tree.

There are so many things that I can take from that dream, but for now I want to point out that it was on my home turf. I believe God has called me to be here in Wales. He has given me a gift of music and an anointing in Worship, and so that is where I will keep my focus.

Back last year, Elevation Church Worship band released an album “There Is A Cloud” and there is a song on the album called “Do It Again”. There is a line in the song “The promise Still Stands, Great is Your Faithfulness”.

This really spoke to me. I sometimes believed that I was passed it. That I was too old and that I had now missed what God had for me, but I felt God really speak to me and say that the promise still stands!

I am re-married and have a great relationship with my kids. We hope God will bless us with more children, and I cannot thank God enough for my wife Kate. She has driven me to seek God and pursue his calling on my life, and when I have doubted, she has lifted me.

So here I am. I have laid down my business. I am trusting God for my future and for my family. I am taking one day at a time, but I am being intentional about pursuing God’s calling on my life and serving the local Church, and fighting for social justice for my community and city.

I am studying a Masters in Missional Leadership, and working voluntarily at my local church. The course costs me money, and I have a very small income from freelance web and graphic design.

If you would like to support me financially, you can do so by following the give link on this website, or more importantly, if you would like to support me in prayer, then you can sign up to my newsletter to learn about what I am doing and receive prayer points.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey.

Much love and blessings

Lewis x